Display Mangled for .htaccess Directives

Oh dear!

I just discovered that many of the .htaccess directives I’m providing in my tutorials were being messed up. Line feeds were removed so they not only became not readable, but people may not have been able to untangle them.

Very, very sorry.

And damn WordPress! 🙁

Wrangling with GDPR

Why, oh why do I need to bother with this?

Ok, so I’ve added the cookie opt-in/out thingy, the expanded privacy policy …. Hope it hits the spot. I feel none of that GDPR thing is actually needed but hey, those EU legislators need to make waves.

Selling nothing, I have no idea what else I need to do or say.

This is how the cookie crumbles.

How the cookie crumbles


Fixing quotes mangled by WP

Of course, WP by default turns all single and double quotes into “pretty” curly quotes!

So I had to revise my tutorials where I show snippets of code (.htaccess, html, php, etc) to enclose them in <pre>….</pre> tags to preserve the quotes.

One does what one needs to do in the interest of accuracy and integrity 😉