Welcome to My World of FAQs and Tutorials

I don’t know about you but I often have to rack my brains to remember what I think I vaguely know, things I’ve used before, solutions to previously encountered issues. My challenge has always been getting organized so I can easily find my previous genius-induced solutions.

I’m of course referring to the world of design, building and optimization of websites.

I will never refer to the type of website optimization I practice as SEO, however it’s as close to that as can be without the deliberate intent of pleasing or, worse, manipulating search engines.

We need to please people, the visitors to a website. Please them by offering a well structured website with good relevant content, the information they seek in a neat, accessible, streamlined format.

Without much ado, I offer you this website as a collection of tutorials and tools to help achieve some of these goals.

Speaking of structure…. I am facing a blank page syndrome just about now …

Stay tuned 😉  It’s a work in progress.